Welcome to North Woods Canoe


Manufactures and supplies quality Canoes, Kayaks, Canoe & Kayak Trailers, Sport Trailers,
Raft / Inflatable Trailers, Bike & Gear Trailers,  Accessories and Outdoor Equipment.
Our staff are experienced paddlers and outdoors people,familiar with your particular needs.
We specialize in supplying goods for outfitters, guides, rental companies,
camps and youth groups, as well as the discerning individual.

North Woods Canoe Company Ltd.
offers a full line of canoes from 12' to our 38' fur trade styles.
Other products include Kayaks, Canoe & Kayak Trailers,
Sport Trailers [canoe, kayak, bike, gear, raft], Paddles, Pfd's,
Dry Barrels, Canoe Parts, Canoeing Equipment,
Outdoor Gear and Accessories, Canoe Furniture,
Historical Clothing, Educational Canoe Trips,
EDU-KITS  [ Fur Trade History Trunks]

We supply top quality products at attractive prices. 
Rentals, repairs and Leasing available



If you get a chance, catch the Steve Martin movie
"Cheaper by the Dozen Two".
This comedy features our 30' Thompson Canoe
[ Eugene Levy - stern paddler ] and our
34' Voyageur Canoe [Steve Martin - stern paddler ].