Canoe 21  - 38 Pricing

Fur Trade Canoes - 21' to 38'

Many people unfamiliar with the history of the fur trade canoes and their capabilities would like to know how others are putting them to use.

The 34' Voyageur (Montreal Canoe) is a replica of the birch bark canoes the fur traders used to move trade goods, furs and people on the Great Lakes. Once these canoes reached the river systems of North America, the contents were transferred into the 25' Selkirk (North Canoe) for travel on the rivers to the fur trading areas and forts.

The 34' Voyageur canoe is a large volume, extremely stable canoe that requires very little water to navigate, yet is very easy to paddle and maneuver. It is equally at home on flat water, slow moving rivers and with experienced guides, can easily run rivers of Class 2 and better.

The 34' Voyageur canoe will easily carry 18 paddlers or more plus there is lots of room for gear storage. The 25' Voyageur will carry up to 10 paddlers plus gear.

All of our canoes have been designed with commercial use in mind - low cost, ease of use and handling with an emphasis on comfort, low maintenance and safety.


Model Photo Canadian
Manitou 38' (Montreal) Manitou 38' canoe $16,600.00 $16,600.00 38' - 0"
Voyaguer 34' (Montreal) Voyaguer 34' (Montreal) canoe $14,400.00 $14,400.00 34' - 1"
30' Thompson (Montreal) 30' Thompson (Montreal) canoe $9,100.00 $9,100.00 30' - 2"
Selkirk 25' (North Canoe) Selkirk 25' (North Canoe) $7,400.00 $7,400.00 25' - 0"
Kamloops 22'
 (North Canoe)
$5,700.00 $5,700.00 22' - 0"